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Italy's A' Design Award is currently the world'slargest and most comprehensive design competition, known as the European designOscars, is the world's leading international annual design competition. Itis also an international design competition recognized by ICSID, ICOGRADA andADI.

The competition is organized to solicit works fromdesigners, creative people and design companies from all over the world, andaims to give honor to the best designers from all countries in different fieldsin all creative fields around the world. The competition can be dividedinto four major areas: industrial product design, graphic visual design,architectural and interior design, art and engineering competition awards.

More than 40,000 works have been submitted from morethan 180 countries around the world, and about 10% of the works can be gradedin the next round.The A'Design Award jury is composed of more than 200authoritative figures from different countries with different professionalbackgrounds, such as art, design and academic backgrounds (1max 4 academia,1max 4 entrepreneurs, 1max 4 design fields, 1max 4 media, including outstandingarchitects, university professors and senior media journalists, etc.). The juryof the largest and most influential competition in the world was invited toform a panel of judges of the competition, which is the largest and mostinfluential in the world by inviting more than 200 experts from differentcountries with different professional backgrounds such as art, design, academicand other professional backgrounds. The expert jury used the form ofanonymous scoring to finally select the winner of the competition.

    意大利A' Design Award是目前世界上最大型最综合的设计比赛,被誉为欧洲设计界的奥斯卡,是全球领先的国际年度设计赛事。也是ICSID (国际工业设计协会),ICOGRADA(国际平面设计协会)、ADI (意大利工业设计协会)所认可的国际设计赛事。


     来自全球180多个国家,多达4万余份作品投稿,约有10%的作品可以进入下一轮评分。而 A' Design Award 评审团由200余位来自不同国家,且具有艺术、设计、学术等不同专业背景的权威人士(1/4学术界、1/4企业家、1/4设计领域、1/4媒体,其中不乏杰出的建筑设计师、大学教授以及资深媒体记者等)应邀组成了全球规模最大、最具影响力的大赛评审团,专家评审团采用匿名评分的形式,最终决选出大赛优胜者。